The Luxio Modern Art Collection (Full Size)

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The Luxio Modern Art Collection


The Luxio Modern Art Collection (Full Size)

A palette of 6 new colours
Taken from the walls of a Modern Art Gallery.

Four cream shades inspired by the bold and optimistic colours found in modern works - balanced and grounded by 2 subdued neutrals that both flatter and provide juxtaposition.

Modern : An intense cobalt. An interesting balance between blue and a hint of violet

Juxtapose: A bold and bright teal with equal parts green and blue

Contempo: A buttery yellow with a white base that provides bright and energetic shade.

Chi-Chi: A bright and happy shade of fuchsia but with a berry undertone for extra sophistication.

Aloof: A medium light cement grey, with a warm undertone.

Timid: A buildable sheer nude colour with a perfectly neutral undertone.


All 6 Bottles are full size (15ml)

Akzentz Luxurious 100% soak off gel polish colors and glitters in a bottle for perfect control and ease of application. 

Luxio is 100% pure gel that is odorless and solvent free.