Professional Gel Course

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Professional Gel Course

Learn to make people feel their polished best using a range of nail technology to express your creativity in a nail salon or start your own business. 

Course duration : 16 lessons (5 hours per lesson)

This Course is for Gel System Only 

Course Content

  • Introduction to Nail Technology
  • Recording Client Information
  • Anatomy of the Nail
  • Diseases & Disorders
  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Nail Shapes


  • Introduction to Gel System
  • Gel Manicure (Classic & French)
  • Gel Enhancement
  • Rebalance & Refill

 Salon Art & Design

(Marbles, ombré , flowers, fine line,

shell, dry flower, hand paint, chrome powder, watercolor, marble liquid….)

E-File removal - Removal the product with E-file Machine. 

Please Note this course is NOT included E-File Manicure Technique. 


Hands-On Practices needs.