E-file Manicure Techniques

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 From Basic To Advance,small group lesson( maximum 2 people)

2 Days -E-file Manicure Techniques with “Luxio Gel By Akzentz ( Russian manicure, 3 bits ,2 bits and 1 bits technique) 

This course is for anyone who wants to to be able to efficiently and safely use an Efile to be able to carry out safe, correct and gentle Efile Russian Manicure. Learn how to  removes cuticles using E-File, NO CUTTING!  Learn how to safely achieve the Top trending Cuticle E-File Gel Manicure  that creates flawless long lasting manicure. Great for salon and competition flawless cuticle work.

*Bits NOT including *


Instruction and  benefits of using an E-File

The damage that can be caused by an E-File without correct training

The various drill bits available and their purposes

About E-Files and the differences

The working mechanisms of an E-File

Correct and safe work practices using an E-File in the salon 

Sanitation of E-File bits and accessories

Efile Manicure, Efiles, Efile bits and to select the 。


You will need the following items for this course.

E-file machine If you have one .


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FAQ Apparative manicure and mistake

Strength of the turns

Pressure and grain

Direction of rotation 

Technology 3 bits

Technology 5 bits

The mistakes in apparatus manicure

Completion of the manicure

Practical 'hands-on' training